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I was volley ball player as my youthful days.
In Arikawa Junior hi school,in Kamigotou hi school and in Nagasaki University
I played valley ball as a captain of each team.
Junior hi school
☆ 8th grade★
I was a setter
☆ 9th grade ★
 I was a spiker1
Blocking one 
is me
I am sorry but these phots was taken in about 1961, therefor 38years ago ,
so the state of phots are not so good.
At that time Elvis's  GI Blues was very populer in Japan
And The Beetles was discovered by me their "hard day's night".
Hi school
Edge of left side is me
I was Serveing
After jointe game with Gotou hi-school
I graduate at Kamigotou Hi-school.
At that time Elvis's  "Fun in Acapulco" and "It's now or never"
was my favorite songs
Nagasaki University
After games was over over
Serving Edge of right side is me
Now is rest time Gather around at Unzen
In Women's volley ball club of Nagasaki University,
I had a girl friend who married with me in 1972.
She was a sub captain of Women's volley ball club of
Nagasaki University
And I was a captain of Men's
In those days,I was most happiest man in all of the world.
But a few years later,I happened a car accidente.
Ever since,I can't walk myself.
And Our love had gone somewhere,and never come back to me.
We spent only about seven days from married
to a car accidente
We had made loves and 10th months later ,
We had a pretiest girl.
Her name is ooo
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